Edison is the oldest energy company in Europe, boasting 140 years of achievements, and is one of the sector’s leading operators in Italy. The Group is at the forefront of the energy transition challenge, with business activities in renewable energy, energy and environmental services and high value-added services for customers, consistent with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and European decarbonization policies. With over 7 GW capacity distributed throughout the country, Edison covers 7% of the national electricity production. It is an integrated operator along the entire electricity supply chain: from energy production to the operation and maintenance of generation plants, through to sales to customers. Its production fleet consists of more than 200 sustainable and flexible power plants, including hydroelectric power plants, wind plants, photovoltaic plants and highly efficient and latest generation gas-fired combined cycles (CCGTs), which balance the intermittency of renewable sources. The Group is committed to implementing a renewable energy development plan that aims to increase installed renewable capacity from the current 2 GW to at least 5 GW by 2030, bringing green generation to 40% of its generation mix. Through Edison Next, the Group is also a key player in the energy and environmental services market, with solutions to increase the efficiency of processes, buildings and resources of large industries, SMEs, hospitals and Public Administrations. Edison Next operates in Italy, Spain and Poland, managing more than 65 industrial sites, 2,100 public and private facilities and 280 cities. In the gas sector, an indispensable energy carrier for accompanying the country’s ecological transition, Edison is committed to diversifying sources and supply routes for the security and competitiveness of the national energy system. The Group has a unique position in Italy, thanks to a large and diversified import portfolio, which satisfies about 20% of demand. The Company is also committed to promoting liquefied natural gas (LNG) and green gases (biomethane, Bio-LNG and green hydrogen) to replace fossil fuels in energy-intensive industrial processes and to make heavy and maritime transport sustainable. To this end, it created Italy’s first integrated logistics chain dedicated to LNG, through a small-scale coastal storage in Ravenna and a dedicated LNG carrier. Customer care and proximity are the hallmarks of Edison Energia, the Group company that sells electricity, natural gas and integrated energy services to households and businesses. The Company offers modular and customisable services to meet the lifestyle needs of its customers, for whom the home is the centre of multiple activities: a smart home with measurable and transparent costs, powered by environmentally friendly energy thanks to self-production and energy storage systems. Today, Edison operates in Italy and Europe, employing over 5,500 people.